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I write and produce immersive narrative audio stories, sound collage, mashups, and other fictions, many about anomalous experiences.

Francesca robin

writer-producer. researcher. audio stories. ghost.

French author Victor_Hugo Watercolor Sketch

This is a watercolor sketch by the famous 19th century French author Victor Hugo, an early surrealist. It's not me, but I look like this when I write.

mini bio

My reporting has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, the Chicago Tribune, and other glossies and dailies. I was the Chicago-based report-editor for HGTV with a beat that included art, architecture, business and startups. I have ghosted many works, both fiction and nonfiction, for academic imprints, boutique outfits and as a gun for hire for a hodgepodge of subjects including finance, history, pop culture, music and art.

I have a background in theater, documentary film and audio stories, and co-founded Liquescence Media, my current base, where I research, write and produce the audio series The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas. I’m multi-pseudonymous and produce works and audiobooks in a few genres, including magic realism, upmarket fiction (“Snow Vixens,” “Mark and Sarah in the Mirror of Isis”), irreverent nonfiction, speculative genre-bending stories, and interactive fiction. 

Some Works

You can also find my work on YouTube and at Mental Tuning, a place where I curate curiosities which run the gamut from scifi, to sound art, to an authors reading series and multimedia installations.

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For collaborations, research, or to spin up an audio episode, to license my work, to hire me for ghost work, or if you're acting talent and interested in performing in one of our audio productions.